Skills Active Career Pathway Maps launched in style

February 24, 2017

Skills Active has celebrated the creation of the brand new Career Pathway Maps at a barbeque launch event with staff, friends and key partners including NZQA, the Tertiary Education Commission, the Industry Training Federation, The New Zealand Recreation Association and the Mountain Safety Council.

In crisp, colourful style, these newly minted resources are designed for aspiring sport and recreation professionals, illustrating how to get started, where to go, and the stepping stones along the way.

Skills Active CEO Grant Davidson introduced the maps, and before being sent out to 500 schools around the country, they were blessed with a karakia by Skills Active industry development advisor Paul Marshall.

NZRA chief executive Andrew Leslie also spoke at the launch about the myriad career opportunities in sport, recreation, exercise, snowsport and the outdoors - and how industry professionals travelled through their careers via a wide range of different routes. 

Skills Active chair Sam Napia said the organisation wanted to help young people and other jobseekers to find those routes, and for that, they needed maps.

He added that Skills Active was looking to forward to raising the profile of sport and recreation careers and encouraging more people to consider some of the great options offered by these industries.


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About Skills Active

Skills Active Aotearoa is the industry training organisation (ITO) for sport, recreation, exercise and outdoor recreation. We promote sport and recreation careers and workforce development, create world-class, nationally-recognised qualifications, and support workplaces to train staff.