Skills Active scores top marks in NZQA review

September 15, 2017

Skills Active received the highest rating possible in this year's external evaluation and review (EER) conducted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

The four-yearly review provides an independent judgement of the educational performance and capability in self-assessment of all non-university tertiary education organisations, including industry training organisations (ITOs).

NZQA reported their judgement of Skills Active to be Highly Confident in both ITO performance and capability of self-assessment. This is the best result possible for such a review, placing Skills Active as a Category 1 organisation.

Skills Active chief executive Dr Grant Davidson says the result is "a massive endorsement of the quality of work put in by all of our staff to the development of industry-led qualifications, training pathways and responsive systems".

Dr Davidson says it is particularly pleasing having an external agency, such as NZQA, acknowledge Skills Active in this way.

While being very proud of the result, Dr Davidson says "it will only encourage us to continue reviewing and improving our products and services to ensure that we continue to be relevant and valued by our industries, workplaces and their staff".

The EER report highlighted a number of reasons for NZQA's high level of confidence in Skills Active, which included:

Skills Active is focused on understanding the needs of its industries, and research, conducted in collaboration with key national stakeholders, has meaningfully informed Skills Active’s industry engagement strategy and strategic business planning.

Industry engagement is systematic and effective. 

Skills Active’s commitment to being a bi-cultural organisation is reflected in the shareholder membership, board representation and engagement with iwi and community organisations. 

There is good evidence from a range of sources that Skills Active is providing significant value for employers and their trainees.

Trainee achievement is strong and has continued to improve. Since 2014, Skills Active has been sitting above the sector averages for programme and qualification achievement.

Skills Active has improved the guidance and support in place for workplaces and employers, which ensure the right systems and processes are in place for effective training.

There are strong processes in place to assure quality of assessment.

Skills Active has an active and engaged board and clear leadership, as evidenced through the purpose and vision of the organisation.

There is a strong commitment to continuous improvement. 

In summary, NZQA stated that these key contributors to success reflect Skills Active as "a service-focused organisation that works proactively to support its industries to develop relevant qualifications, arrange training and support workforce skill development and planning".

NZQA went on to say that "this work is evidence-based and supported with research and ongoing systematic consultation and review. This gives confidence that work will continue effectively, efficiently and sustainably".

Follow this link to read the full report.