Skills Active streamlining sign-ups with electronic enrolments

July 17, 2018

Budding industry trainees in sport, recreation and the performing arts can now enrol online.

Skills Active Aotearoa, the industry training organisation for sport, community recreation, outdoor recreation, exercise, snowsport and the performing arts, has launched a fully electronic enrolment process.

Click here and login or register to enrol.

The new process will be easier, quicker and more environmentally friendly than the standard paper-based option – although the paper-based option will remain available for those trainees who prefer it.

From now on, with the click of a button, new trainees will be able to go to the Skills Active portal where they can create an account, fill out an online enrolment form and upload their identification.

Once they’ve submitted their form, they will be contacted by one of the team of Learning Support Advisors, who will make sure Skills Active has all the information it needs for their enrolment.

The trainee, their manager, and the Learning Support Advisor will all sign the training agreement electronically – forgoing the need for printing, scanning and mailing documents between parties.

Skills Active chief executive Dr Grant Davidson says electronic enrolment will make it easier for eligible trainees to take the first step towards getting qualified, as well as significantly reducing processing times – and saving trees.

“We want people in our industry to have enrolment options that work for them. This is one part of our ongoing efforts to increase access and improve the user experience for our trainees and workplaces.”


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About Skills Active

Skills Active Aotearoa is the industry training organisation for sport, community recreation, exercise, outdoor recreation, dive, snowsport and performing arts. We are a non-profit organisation, funded by government to promote sport, recreation and performing arts careers and workforce development, create world-class qualifications, and support workplaces to train staff.