The sport and community recreation industry needs you

November 12, 2017

Skills Active is establishing the Sport and Community Recreation Industry Advisory Group to provide leadership on national workforce issues in the industry. We are recruiting now for group members who possess industry knowledge and a desire to give their time to be part of change.

This is your opportunity to put your experience and insight into action and help drive the industry forward in a positive direction. 

We are currently looking for 8 -10 core members, who will work together, primarily remotely, along with one to two in-person sessions each year. We are also recruiting members of project teams that will be pulled together on an as-needed basis, for specific initiatives.

Why these groups? All of our industries - sport, recreation, exercise, outdoor recreation, snowsport and performing arts - face significant workforce challenges. The IAGs will draw on the deep knowledge and skill of our industry stakeholders to drive positive change for sport and recreation employers, staff and volunteers. 

The role of the IAG will be: 

  1. To champion workforce development initiatives in the industry
  2. To liaise with industry networks to respond on the issues that are raised
  3. To develop and lead the implementation of an industry-specific workforce action plan
  4. To provide feedback and advice on Skills Active’s Workforce Action Plan
Your contribution is valuable! Please consider giving your time.