Variety is the spice of mountain life

October 12, 2018

Cam Soulsby had all sorts of ideas about what he might do as a job, but being the manager of lift operations at a ski field wasn’t on his radar.

Now he has been at The Remarkables for six winter seasons, and the broad range of work that he gets to do is part of what keeps him coming back for more, he says in a newly released video.

Skills Active Aoteroa, the industry training organisation for snowsport, caught up with Cam recently to talk about stepping up in his career with the help of on-job qualifications.

“After I left university I got a job up here at the Remarkables and really loved it… and eventually decided that perhaps it was something that I could turn into a career,” Cam says.

“I love learning and I’m always keen to keep improving and looking for opportunities to push myself further in my job.”

Cam has completed a tourism induction qualification, as well as specific qualifications in lift operations, and most recently, adult education and training.

“My role up here is really varied. Everything from spending time in the office, working with my staff and developing them, to being out on the lifts helping out.

“I love working up here because I get to work with an awesome crew of people, I get to meet a new team every season from all round the world, and we just have a lot of fun while we work.”


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