Cave guides learning the ropes at Waitomo Adventures

October 8, 2019

People from all over the world come to Waitomo Adventures, where Scott Culpan and his team of guides make sure everyone has the caving experience of a lifetime.

Scott is the training manager and an operations manager at Waitomo Adventures, which offers caving, abseiling and blackwater rafting.

In a brand new video from Skills Active Aotearoa, he shares the secrets behind developing a highly-trained team that’s ready for anything.

Winter is training season for the Waitomo Adventures crew, Scott says. The guides are completing on-the-job caving qualifications from Skills Active’s suite of New Zealand Certificates in Outdoor Leadership.

“We’re hanging on ropes at heights of 100 metres, so if there was a medical event whilst hanging on rope, our guides need to know how to deal with that.

“If we’re in a cave and we experience a flash flood, they need to feel comfortable and confident in dealing with those scenarios.”

Scott himself and others in the local caving industry were among those who contributed to the development of the new Skills Active qualifications for cave guides.

“To now see our first bunch of guides come through and achieve the Level 4 [qualification], it’s hugely rewarding, and we’ve now got the whole company enrolled in the next level.”

To find out more, check out the video.


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