New Skills Active video captures an apprentice delivering exercise for recovery and wellbeing

March 27, 2020

In these difficult times, it’s more important than ever to celebrate the amazing professionals in our industries, making a difference through their work. In the case of Skills Active apprenticeship graduate Cat Buckingham, working as a personal trainer with a special interest in rehab has been a dream come true.

Cat completed her apprenticeship while working at the Stadium 2000 gym in Blenheim, and she has shared her story in a brand new video.

Once Cat got a taste of working life in the gym, she discovered she had a talent for working with people who needed a bit of extra help.

“The kinds of people who come into the gym are from all walks of life. We have lots of people with disabilities, there are injured people, and those are the sorts of people I migrate towards.

“They sometimes feel quite limited; to be able to show them what they can actually do is very rewarding.”

Gym manager Charlie Nguyen is thrilled to have Cat onboard.

“From our business perspective, we have a young, new, enthusiastic employee who can really contribute to our organisation.

“Personally for myself, it’s a really proud moment. To see her develop and grow and now move into our industry is absolutely fantastic.”

To see Cat’s story, check out the video.


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