APPRENTICESHIP: New Zealand Apprenticeship: Multi-Skilled Exercise Instructor (Freestyle) (Level 4)

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Apprentice Multi skilled Exercise Instructor

Who is this apprenticeship for?

This apprenticeship is designed for exercise all-rounders who have the whole package of industry skills and knowledge, and can deliver both group exercise and individual exercise instruction.

Multi-skilled exercise professionals are equipped to deliver exercise in multiple ways. This includes one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes, and small group training sessions. These folks have a solid understanding of exercise physiology, are skilled in delivering all types of group fitness and exercise instruction, and are savvy, business-minded self-starters.

They keep their clients safe and healthy during exercise, and deliver programmes and classes with the overall wellbeing of their participants in mind. 

This apprenticeship will be delivered on-the-job in an exercise industry workplace, and assessments will be completed online.

Apprenticeship graduates will come out of this qualification equipped to lead group exercise classes and training sessions; deliver one-on-one exercise prescription and instruction; and own and operate a personal training business.

Graduate of this apprenticeship will be eligible for REPs registration. REPs registration is the expected industry standard to deliver safe and effective exercise in New Zealand. For more information, check out

What's involved?

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This apprenticeship is comprised of three programmes:

New Zealand Certificate in Freestyle Group Exercise (Level 4)

This qualification is equivalent to REPs Group Exercise Choreographed

Choreographing and delivering group exercise classes

Encouraging participants 

Business skills

Anatomy and physiology

Culturally appropriate behaviour.

New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 4)

This qualification is equivalent to REPs Personal Trainer

Exercise fundamentals

Nutrition and wellbeing

Working professionally

Exercise delivery

Business skills.

Exercise Group Training module:

Planning and researching a target market

Designing and delivering group training sessions

Gathering feedback and reviewing sessions.

This apprenticeship is designed to be completed in 2 years or less.

Programme structure

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The programme is made up of the following compulsory unit standards:

Unit standard 30638 Demonstrate knowledge of how nutrition, health and wellness frameworks and allied health can promote health outcomes L4 7 credits
Unit standard 30634 Demonstrate knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and health risk factors L4 13 credits
Unit standard 30640 Develop marketing and business tools and procedures to support business practices as an exercise professional L4 8 credits
Unit standard 30639 Provide support to exercise participants on nutrition, health and wellness, and allied health to promote health outcomes L4 5 credits
Unit standard 30637 Apply motivational techniques to enhance exercise participant commitment to individual exercise programmes L4 5 credits
Unit standard 30448 Work professionally and safely as an exercise instructor to promote health and wellbeing within an exercise facility L3 8 credits
Unit standard 30635 Pre-screen, design, deliver and adapt exercise programmes L4 15 credits
Unit standard 30447 Demonstrate basic knowledge of anatomical structures and physiological responses to exercise L3 5 credits
Unit standard 30444 Demonstrate knowledge of health and wellness framework components for participants in exercise L4 5 credits
Unit standard 22772 Demonstrate knowledge of exercise, choreography, motivation, and the structure of group exercise classes L4 10 credits
Unit standard 30443 Plan, choreograph, deliver and review freestyle group exercise classes L4 20 credits
Unit standard 30445 Undertake business processes and develop and maintain a group exercise participant base L4 5 credits
Unit standard 30448 Work professionally and safely as an exercise instructor to promote health and wellbeing within an exercise facility L3 8 credits
Unit standard 31928 Plan, deliver and review the planning and delivery of a group training session L4 12 credits

The trainee selects one of nine Freestyle Group Exercise strands, which comprise the following unit standards:

Unit standard 27709 Instruct a step class L3 7 credits
Unit standard 27710 Instruct an aquafitness class L3 9 credits
Unit standard 27711 Instruct an indoor cycling class L3 7 credits
Unit standard 27712 Instruct a free weights class L3 7 credits
Unit standard 27713 Instruct a cardio martial fit class L3 7 credits
Unit standard 27714 Instruct a circuit class L3 7 credits
Unit standard 27715 Instruct a group fitness dance class L3 7 credits
Unit standard 27716 Instruct a mind and body class L3 7 credits
Unit standard 27717 Instruct a core conditioning with equipment class L3 7 credits

What are the costs?

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On-job training costs workplaces both time and resources. It can mean covering registration fees, learning and assessment resources, allocating time for training, and having an appropriate assessment pathway available.  

Total costs for trainees will vary depending on how the qualification is delivered, how it is assessed and how much support the workplace can provide.   

Check out our fees list and financial help options.

From July 1 2020, Skills Active apprenticeships are zero-fees until the end of 2022, under the government's Targeted Training Fund.

For more detailed information about the cost of doing an on-job qualification, get in touch.

Where to from here?

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Want to multiply your exercise skill set? Think this might be the right qualification for your staff?  

To find out more, contact your regional Skills Active learning support advisor.   

Remember, to do this apprenticeship on the job, a Skills Active trainee needs to be working as a paid employee in the exercise industry.  

If you are interested in this qualification, but you're not currently employed in the industry, contact your local gym or exercise facility, or a Skills Active learning support advisor to talk about how you can get involved.  

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