Business and leadership pathways for sport and recreation staff

Skills Active is excited to offer a pathway to leadership for people working in sport, recreation and performing arts. You and your team members can progress from a Level 3 certificate in administration, through to a Level 6 diploma in facility management  - all while on the job, earning and learning at the same time.

Business Qualification Pathway


The first three qualifications listed here are live and available now - you can sign up yourself, or send a prompt to your staff to get them enrolled, right here from the website.

What’s special about these new certificates is that they are facilitated and assessed online, meaning any trainee who matches the entry requirements can complete the qualification, no matter the size or the location of the business they are in.

There are no classrooms, and no required readings. The trainee taps into the documents, information and evidence that they are already gathering as part of their day-to-day work.


New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3) 

In our industries, the customer is key. Skilled administrative staff make a workplace run more smoothly, in turn providing a better experience for the customer.

This qualification develops an individual's customer service, technology and business administration skills, covering everything from using Microsoft Excel and writing business documents through to records management and mail processing.  

The trainee learns on-the-job, and assessment is managed online. Staff learn while they earn, receiving on-job support and mentoring from managers, supervisors and colleagues to complete their qualification.

Through completing the qualification in the workplace, new skills and knowledge are applied directly to the work the staff member engages with in their role. This ensures the qualification is highly relevant and useful to both staff and the workplace.

Credits: 60 | Duration: 8 months

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New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3) 

Great organisations need great teams, and great teams need skilled leaders who bring out the best in their staff, helping everyone's strengths to shine so they can perform to their best abilities. 

This qualification is designed for new or aspiring team leaders in sport, recreation or the performing arts, who want to build the foundations of a management career.

It covers fundamental skills including principles of team performance, problem-solving, decision-making, professionalism and ethics.

This qualification is delivered in the workplace, with online facilitation and assessment included. The trainee can apply new skills to their role as quickly as they acquire them. 

This qualification gets the individual off to the right start in their career as a people manager. It's also a natural stepping stone to the New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) - read more on that below!

Credits: 48 | Duration: 9 months

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New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) 

Sport, recreation and performing arts managers are leading the charge to create opportunities for New Zealanders to get physically active, enjoy culture, and soak up our great natural spaces.

They need to be equipped to tackle complex problems, motivate and support diverse groups of people, and keep work flowing smoothly in a changing environment.

This qualification is designed to help managers take their leadership skills to the next level and step up in their career.

It covers a range of more advanced management skills including managing and motivating teams, assessing against set criteria, promoting an inclusive environment, adapting leadership styles to the situation, and complying with policies and legislation.

The qualification is completed on-the-job, with the trainee observing and learning from managers and colleagues. This ensures their learning is tailored and relevant to their unique workplace context.

Credits: 60 | Duration: 10 months

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Apprenticeship: New Zealand Certificate in Facility Operations (Level 4) - Coming soon 

Healthy facilities need kaitiaki (guardians) to care for and shape them into environments that welcome people and support wellbeing through sport and recreation.

Covering everything from delegation and professionalism, to managing hazards and risks, and addressing participation barriers, this apprenticeship will make you into an operations all-rounder.

Credits: 120 | Duration: 2-3 years

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New Zealand Diploma in Facility Management (Level 6) - In planning

Are you passionate about running a thriving facility that brings the community together through sport and recreation?

Covering a range of management methodologies from planning, financial reporting and data forecasting, to strategic health and safety, and people management, this qualification will help you deepen your skills and grow your facility management career.

Credits: 120 | Duration: 2-3 years

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