New Zealand Certificate in Performing Arts Instruction (Level 5) and New Zealand Diploma in Performing Arts Instruction (Level 6)

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PA Instruction L5

Who are these qualifications for?

We are currently developing a suite of Performing Arts Instruction qualifications, which includes:

New Zealand Certificate in Performing Arts Instruction (Level 5)

New Zealand Diploma in Performing Arts Instruction (Level 6)

This suite of qualifications will provide a framework for experienced and knowledgeable performing arts professionals to share their expertise through teaching. 

What's involved?

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As trainees progress through this pathway of qualifications, they will learn about:

Learning design

Creating learning environments that meet student needs

Instruction methods, assessment strategies and reflective practice

Professionalism and ethics.

The Level 5 certificate will take 8-12 months to complete. The Level 6 diploma will take 2-3 years to complete.

What are the costs?

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On-job training costs workplaces both time and resources. It can mean covering registration fees, learning and assessment resources, allocating time for training, and having an appropriate assessment pathway available.  

Total costs for trainees will vary depending on how the qualification is delivered, how it is assessed and how much support the workplace can provide.   

To check out our fees list, click here. 

For more detailed information about the cost of doing an on-job qualification, get in touch.

Where to from here?

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So, you want to become qualified in performing arts instruction? Think this might be the right qualification for your staff?  

To find out more, contact your regional Skills Active learning support advisor.   

Remember, to do this qualification on the job, a Skills Active trainee needs to be working as a volunteer or paid employee in the performing arts industry.  

If you are interested in this qualification, but you're not currently employed in the industry, contact your local performing arts facility, or a Skills Active learning support advisor to talk about how you can get involved. 

Express your interest


Contact your regional advisor or

P   0508 4 SKILLS (0508 475 4557)